Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony staterooms are great!

View from my Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom on Oasis of the Seas
View from my Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom on Oasis of the Seas
Zipline at the Oasis of the Seas
Zipline at the Oasis of the Seas

Monday – Day 3 on Oasis of the Seas

On the third day, I still could not believe how beautiful our view was from our stateroom on the Boardwalk. Located on the 10th floor, the full boardwalk was in view, if we looked towards the Aquatheater the large theater area and ocean were in plain view. If we looked up, the people using the zip-line were zooming by!

The various activities viewable from our room was great. On the photo to the left, you can see the rock climbing wall. And like I mentioned earlier, the zip line was fun to watch from our balcony.

TIP: for those wanting to use the zip line, don’t wait until the last several days of the trip, the demand is high and you need to register to reserve a time. My wife waited until the 5th day and they told her the only time left was on the last night when we were going to be in Nassau. So she didn’t get a chance to go on it, best thing to do is sign up the first or second day of the cruise.

That night we were eager to see the aqua show Oasis of the Dreams in the Aquatheater, but it was postponed for the 5th night. The ship was rocking a little too much for the divers, so it was unsafe for them to proceed.

The nights at the ship, especially the boardwalk were very beautiful. The lights make you feel as though you really are on a boardwalk!

As for the rooms, I took a couple of photos of our stateroom. We had the Boardwalk Stateroom with a balcony.  It was very nice with a large flat screen TV, safe, queen bed, desk, refrigerator, couch, lots of closet space and of course the restroom. Having the balcony with the two chairs also made the stateroom feel more “roomy”.

Be sure to check out my tips to pack for your cruise. There are a few things I found useful for making my trip safer, more comfortable and of course more enjoyable!

Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at night
Oasis of the Sease Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony


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16 thoughts on “Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony staterooms are great!”

  1. Hi There,

    (Stateroom 10-319)

    I Don’t Believe It! I’m going on the Oasis of the Seas on March 20th (15 days) and have been scouring the net for pictures to subdue my excitement. And then I found your site. You have the same stateroom as we will have!!! Wow! 10319, right? 10th floor and sixth from the end on the port side. It is sooo nice to find pictures of our exact room and view!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  2. Hi Veronica,

    You are going to have so much fun on this Oasis. My wife and I loved it! We were actually on 10-317, so its not the exact room, but just two over from your stateroom 10-319. The room should look exactly like the one you see above, with of course the same views, which by the way are great, especially of the Aqua Theater and the boardwalk!

    Have fun on your cruise!


  3. Hello Again Ray,

    I’m looking forward to sitting on the balcony and enjoying the water show and also the beautiful lighting at night. I’ve seen some pictures that are just stunning! Can you sleep with your door open, or does it get a bit loud? The pictures I’ve seen make it look pretty quiet during the night time.

    Thank you again! Love the pictures!


  4. At night we would sleep with the door closed, we never tried it open, now that you mention it, wish we did! It is quieter at night and the lights/color are great. My wife and I would take late walks in the boardwalk and central park after dinner. Wish we were back on Oasis already!


  5. I’m planning on saving my first impression of Central Park to be a walk after dark. I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but I’ll do my darndest. I just think that will make it all the more magical.


    ps. will you be adding more to your pages? I’d love to see Thursday on the Oasis and Friday in Nassau. …and on the ship.

  6. Veronica e Raio,


    Irei em 22 de maio no Oasis ,saindo de Fort Lauderdale, ficarei na cabine perto da que vcs foram.Podem dar dicas pra mim, não consigo saber quando será a tal festa do Comandante que,por sinal, acho um saco…..Passaremos uns dias em FLauder na volta e irei até Key West.Aguardando dicas,obrigada,

    1. During our trip on Oasis the Captains formal dinner was on Thursday. But the schedule may change for each trip. Our 7 day trip had 2 formal dinner nights. Hope this answers your question! Have fun on Oasis!


  7. Need information about Oasis of the seas concerning room 7730 or 7330 family room with balcony if someone have picture please let me know we reserv for Febuary 26 2011 i’am a little bit scare about noise , view etc
    Thank you again

  8. Francois, don’t worry about noise, when you close your balcony glass door, the rooms are soundproof. Oasis of the Seas is the best ship along with Allure. Have fun!

  9. What are the charges to use your personal cell phone as well as lap top? What about ship charges or paid phone cards or internet?

    1. I used my laptop during our cruise and Wi-Fi was available in the cabin for a fee, wasn’t cheap, about 55 cents per minute, but if you purchased in bulk, the price is reduced. I paid about $20 dollars for 60 minutes or so. But be aware that the speed of the internet is very slow. I tried to put updates to this blog via the ship and it was time consuming. It’s fine for emailing and sending a few pictures, but that is about it.

      On the ship, to setup the wifi for the first time, I had to first go to the Internet cafe, swipe my keycards and create individual accounts, then come back to my cabin and order the service via the menu on my TV. If you don’t want to use your laptop, they do have about 6 computers in the “internet cafe” for people to use. This is probably my only suggestion to RC, they need to make that room larger. Its a very very small room, it actually took me a while to find it, it’s that small.

      As for your personal cell phone, if you are using a service provider from the U.S., try to make your calls from the island in St. Thomas. It’s part of the U.S. Virgin islands and your provider most likely has service there with no extra charges.

      Hope this information helps and have fun on your cruise!

  10. We are going on the Oasis and staying in a boardwalk balcony on the 9th level. I am wondering if you feel the movement of the ship since these are aft rooms. My DD gets alittle sea sick and we always stay midship.


    1. Regina,

      We had two nights where we felt the side to side movement, but this was felt everywhere. Because the ship is so tall, the wind make it sway more than any other ship. However, they do have stabilizers that minimize the listing of the ship. Overall, it was not much of an issue other than those two days, my wife did get sick one of the nights so she had to take some motion sickness pills. I always suggest taking them on any cruise, better safe than sorry, although they are readily available on the ship.

      I think you’ll love the boardwalk balcony stateroom, I’m jealous, wish to go on it or Allure sometime soon!

      Have fun!

  11. The view of the zip-line over the boardwalk looks like fun. Thanks for the heads up on reserving the spot early on. We’ll be doing that.

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