Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk and Central Park unique views

The website for Oasis of the Seas has uploaded a great video clip of the Boardwalk and Central Park balconies and its great views from the staterooms, see video below. One interesting note is how they mention the lack of noise from the Boardwalk entering the staterooms once the balcony sliding doors are closed. This is so true, on our cruise on Oasis, we noticed how the balcony sliding doors blocked out all noise from the Boardwalk. Very helpful at night when we were trying to get a good nights sleep!

The video also shows the great views from the balconies. Similar to my pictures of the BoardwalkAqua Theater and video of my view on Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk balcony.

Oasis of the Seas next to Costa Atlantica

Today is a short update to the site with a few more pictures. This time its a series of pictures of Oasis of the Seas next to Costa Atlantica at the port in St. Thomas. It was a partly cloudy but beautiful day. The partly cloudy sky and deep blue green water was the perfect backdrop for these pictures.

You won’t see these two cruise ships at this port for several months as Oasis starts its Western Caribbean itinerary this week. For the next several months, Oasis will port in the Mexican Riviera before it returns to its Eastern Caribbean route at the end of the year.

Costa Atlantica next oasis of the seas
Costa Atlantica next to Oasis of the Seas ship Oasis of the Seas at port

Night lights on Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Aqua Theater

I’ve received more requests for videos of Oasis of the Seas. Although most of the time I spent taking pictures, I did record a few digital video clips. The quality is not that great, but are worth watching.

Here is a short clip of the Boardwalk from our stateroom #10317, the night lights are beautiful! If you have a chance to cruise on Oasis, I recommend a Boardwalk stateroom. Some people have asked if the rooms had a view of the Aqua Theater, as you can see it does. Others have asked if the noise level was too loud from the shows or people in general down at the boardwalk but from the video you can see that its not too loud.

We often had the balcony door and curtains open in our stateroom. The lights and sounds were very relaxing at the end of the night, so it was perfect for us. However, we slept with the balcony door closed at night. I noticed others leaving them open at night, I guess they enjoyed the calm night sounds of the boardwalk.

I can’t wait for my next cruise…maybe on Allure of the Seas? 🙂

Not even rain ruined our trip on Oasis of the Seas

I’m more of a photographer than I am a videographer, but I want to share a short clip I took of our departure on day one. The weather called for cloudy skies and a chance of showers after 5pm. So when Oasis was scheduled to leave Port Everglades later that day I expected a little rain, but not like this! But nothing was going to ruin our departure, we even enjoyed the rain.

The bad weather lasted only a couple of hours and then the skies cleared up for a beautiful starlight night. This was the only day it rained during our cruise. The rest of the trip was beautiful. Be sure to check out the day-to-day summary of my time on Oasis of the Seas! For those traveling on Oasis this month in April…take me with you! 🙂