Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk and Central Park unique views

The website for Oasis of the Seas has uploaded a great video clip of the Boardwalk and Central Park balconies and its great views from the staterooms, see video below. One interesting note is how they mention the lack of noise from the Boardwalk entering the staterooms once the balcony sliding doors are closed. This is so true, on our cruise on Oasis, we noticed how the balcony sliding doors blocked out all noise from the Boardwalk. Very helpful at night when we were trying to get a good nights sleep!

The video also shows the great views from the balconies. Similar to my pictures of the BoardwalkAqua Theater and video of my view on Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk balcony.

Night lights on Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Aqua Theater

I’ve received more requests for videos of Oasis of the Seas. Although most of the time I spent taking pictures, I did record a few digital video clips. The quality is not that great, but are worth watching.

Here is a short clip of the Boardwalk from our stateroom #10317, the night lights are beautiful! If you have a chance to cruise on Oasis, I recommend a Boardwalk stateroom. Some people have asked if the rooms had a view of the Aqua Theater, as you can see it does. Others have asked if the noise level was too loud from the shows or people in general down at the boardwalk but from the video you can see that its not too loud.

We often had the balcony door and curtains open in our stateroom. The lights and sounds were very relaxing at the end of the night, so it was perfect for us. However, we slept with the balcony door closed at night. I noticed others leaving them open at night, I guess they enjoyed the calm night sounds of the boardwalk.

I can’t wait for my next cruise…maybe on Allure of the Seas? 🙂

Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk views, day and night!

Boardwalk Oasis of the Seas room 10317
View from Boardwalk Stateroom 10317

I’ve received a few questions regarding our boardwalk balcony stateroom #10317 and the view from it during our trip on Oasis of the Seas. I’ve included several pictures of our view facing the Aqua Theater, but I thought a few more looking down towards the boardwalk and the merry-go-round would be nice. This area is very active and can be loud but only if we had our balcony sliding door open, otherwise the sound would not enter the room.

I was surprised to see how late at night, after all the shows were over, this area was mostly empty. My wife and I would take a walk after 10pm and there would only be a handful of people. It was the perfect time to take some nighttime pictures. The merry-go-round and the restaurants are either closed or closing, so there is not much to do other than take pictures.

balloon man on oasis of the seas
Balloon man on Oasis of the Seas

As you can see from the photo of the balloon-man at the boardwalk, behind him Johnny Rockets was empty. It was open, but to tell you the truth, we never really noticed too many people eating there. It’s not one of the restaurants included in the price of the cruise so the cost is extra. And if you’re like me, coming from the U.S./Los Angeles area, Johnny Rockets is a common restaurant and can be found anywhere. I preferred to eat at the Solarium, Sorrentos Pizzeria, Windjammer or any of the other main restaurants…but that’s just me! 🙂

Finally, someone asked if the merry-go-round was large. Not really, but it was big enough and I rarely noticed a line for it. It runs most of the day as long as it doesn’t rain. My wife got on it several times and its perfect for all ages!

So when are you going on Oasis? Or have you already gone? Have any pictures to share? If you would like to share your experience on Oasis and/or a few pictures on this site, use my contact page to send them to me.

Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk at night
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk at night

Merry-go-round on Oasis of the Seas
Merry-go-round on Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony staterooms are great!

View from my Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom on Oasis of the Seas
View from my Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom on Oasis of the Seas
Zipline at the Oasis of the Seas
Zipline at the Oasis of the Seas

Monday – Day 3 on Oasis of the Seas

On the third day, I still could not believe how beautiful our view was from our stateroom on the Boardwalk. Located on the 10th floor, the full boardwalk was in view, if we looked towards the Aquatheater the large theater area and ocean were in plain view. If we looked up, the people using the zip-line were zooming by!

The various activities viewable from our room was great. On the photo to the left, you can see the rock climbing wall. And like I mentioned earlier, the zip line was fun to watch from our balcony.

TIP: for those wanting to use the zip line, don’t wait until the last several days of the trip, the demand is high and you need to register to reserve a time. My wife waited until the 5th day and they told her the only time left was on the last night when we were going to be in Nassau. So she didn’t get a chance to go on it, best thing to do is sign up the first or second day of the cruise.

That night we were eager to see the aqua show Oasis of the Dreams in the Aquatheater, but it was postponed for the 5th night. The ship was rocking a little too much for the divers, so it was unsafe for them to proceed.

The nights at the ship, especially the boardwalk were very beautiful. The lights make you feel as though you really are on a boardwalk!

As for the rooms, I took a couple of photos of our stateroom. We had the Boardwalk Stateroom with a balcony.  It was very nice with a large flat screen TV, safe, queen bed, desk, refrigerator, couch, lots of closet space and of course the restroom. Having the balcony with the two chairs also made the stateroom feel more “roomy”.

Be sure to check out my tips to pack for your cruise. There are a few things I found useful for making my trip safer, more comfortable and of course more enjoyable!

Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at the night
Oasis of the Seas boardwalk at night
Oasis of the Sease Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony picture
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony

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