Oasis of the Seas size comparison to other cruise ships.

Oasis of the Seas size comparison
Oasis of the Seas size comparison

A quick update on the size of Oasis of the Seas. Each time I got off the ship at the ports as other ships docked nearby I was able to appreciate the size of it! As you can see here on the left as it docked next to a Carnival Cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas towers over it. Not to mention the length of it compared to the Carnival Cruise ship, wow!

At every port we stopped, the passengers of the other ships would gather outside on their ships and watch us arrive. There were hundreds if not thousands of people waiting for Oasis of the Seas arrive and dock next to them. The lights of the flashes could be seen from far away and from all angles as they took pictures of us as we arrived!

Oasis of the seas compared to other ships
Oasis of the Seas compared to other ships

The photo on the right was taken from a distance as we were taking a tour. You can see how much more larger Oasis is compared to the other ships! Some of the other ships docked were the Disney ship, Costa Atlantica, Carnival and one additional ship I don’t recall at the moment. The second largest on there is the Costa Atlantica on the far left, but as you can see it Oasis is significantly larger.

I’ll share more of the trip on Oasis, along with all the activities on board and a few tips I learned to make any voyage on Oasis a little easier!